Young Songwriter Bera

“I live with my music,” says pop singer who at age 1 couldn’t walk or talk but knew how to turn on the radio and listen to the music he loved. “I was attracted to the music when I was born.” Gifted with perfect talant, he was handed a violin at age 5 and after two years started mastering piano. He’s classically trained, but it’s his love for jazz that has him motivated to lead his life path in a way of music career. “I’m able to play any song I like on the radio,” says the Paris native who also calls the Republic of Georgia home. Given his history it’s no surprise that at age 16 this musical phenom has two of the music world’s most powerful producers, Rob Fusari (Lady Gaga) and Rodney Jerkins (Michael Jackson) backing his debut. Now Bera is in the list of successful pop singers who is still outstanding for his music and his music career has practically just begun. He is young and full of energy, thus he perfectly manages to dedicate all his effort to the music. One of Bera’s dreams is to win Grammy’s award and this is not something impossible for a talented person like him.

Bera is one of the most talented musicians of these days because he is able to create both, lyrics of the song just like the music. He never concentrates inly on one of them and tries to make both perfectly in balance. He exlplains that no matter how great music sounds, if the words are not in perfect synthesis with the sound, the music will sound really bad and vice versus. So it is really difficult to make both of them perfectly suited for one another. No metter how great musician is, it is always extremely difficult to make these two in balance, in every single Song . Bera explains that for him this process never goes fluently. He always has some kind of ups and downs, which slow the process of creating music. Even greatest musicians so have flaws, these flaws are exactly what makes us stronger and give us motivation to work harder and harder.

Bera wrote all of the songs on his last album which he says can be divided musically and lyrically into two parts, “a more fun, club, up-tempo side; and the laid-back, loverboy, romantic side.” Bera tries not to repeat himself in every song and triesnot to sound boring. If all the songs are similar to one another audience will get tired and simply stop listening your songs because they are so much alike. Goal of every singer is to impress the audience with every new song. Our songs reflect our personality. For me, it depends on the mood and the lifestyle of mine in the certain period. If I feel sad and little depressed my song will sound similar and the audience will immediately notice it. But if I feel happy and energetic, my songs immediately reflect my mood. That’s the great power that songs have on singers. They cannot let us keep our emotions in secret. If a singer is sincere and does not fake the song he or she creates, listeners will immediately notice if that singer feels happy, sad, disappointed or enthusiastic at the certain moment. What Bera always tries to do, he sings his songs with honesty. However he tries not to surround the audience with his thoughts and bother them with his problems.

When my first song, “Favorite Things” was first played in America, I was in Georgia. As I went to United States I was not waiting for such a reaction from people. They showed me so much love it made me happy .I was surprised when people stopped me in the streets and smiled at me..Maybe I have not got used to so much attention. People where telling me that they have just listened to my song and it was adorable.” Bera is a dreamer and romantic kind of person who has started singing career as a hobby. From 13 year he has been composing Songs but had never imagined that this would become such a serious career. Now as he already went through many obstacles, he has decided that he wants to dedicate all his life to the music. “Some people look for the profession of their dream for all their lives. Everyone wants to do something that makes him or her happy. In my case, I found that something in my early years of life and I am very proud of this achievement. Now the main goal of my life is straight towards my goal and continue much career growth as much as possible. As soon as I make some kind of achievement I start thinking about the new one and it is exactly what makes me improve.

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The means the Distressing Game operates is actually that gamers begin along with a blue dot in a huge puzzle. The target from program is for players to obtain via as several puzzles as achievable to get to the terrible tip that resides in the center from the labyrinth


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